Seize the Opportunity

From Point A to Point B.

That’s the way our society treats driving, as if there is nothing in between. Sure, there’s the occasional slow down due to construction, or the manic driver speeding along to watch out for, but aside from those few exceptions, most people remember very little about a drive, because to them, the only goal is reaching the end destination and everything in between is dreadful. Unless however, that person is an artist.

To an artist, the point of doing anything is as much, if not more, about the process as the actual result. Driving down the road, the last thing most people would notice is a patch of wildflowers along the ditch. But if you are lucky enough to be a passenger, taking a second look reveals something more.

Sketchbook Spread

Peering out the window on a recent drive to Cleveland, I couldn’t help but notice wildflowers lining the highway. To some, they may lurk as weeds, but I look at them and see patches of color- burgundy, periwinkle, yellow and white; the hue intensified by the timely bloom. Look at them deeply, study them carefully, before they are gone. Had it been December, the scenery would have been drab and gloomy; but it’s July and the flowers were beautiful.

And more beautiful than their color, was their circumstance. Nobody tilled the land or watered them, these plants just blossomed on their own. It’s a genuine case of Mother Nature at work, and it’s worth putting down your phone to notice. They are as their name states, wild; dancing in the mechanical wind from the traffic, just waiting to be noticed.

Moments like these make for great sketches. Something quick to scribble down on paper so you can remember them later. The plain fact that plants are growing along the road may not be that interesting. Maybe though, it’s the color, the shape, the irony, the movement of the flowers that’s intriguing. That’s where thought and creativity come in to play. Your eyes formulate vision, and it’s up to your mind to decide what to make of it.

As a person, I was anxious to arrive at Point B. But as an artist, I seized the opportunity to create something from nothing- just by opening my eyes.

Vine Charcoal Sketch
Vine Charcoal Sketch
Pen and Colored Pencil
Pen and Colored Pencil

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